L'artiste au travail

« Pictures of distance, paths, offset perspectives, from clear to blurred, from complex to simple, from slow to rash, from gaps to splits between there, further away, and even further still»

Born in Albi (Southwestern France) in 1959
Lived around Paris until the age of 7, then in Salon de Provence
Enjoyed painting from le Douanier Rousseau’s primeval forests, Picasso’s still lives, Odilon Redon’s bunches of flowers

Liked looking at pictures
roadside landscapes

1977 Maths and Physics A levels
1979 Biology degree, Marseilles University

I was the era of punk, an anti-authority movement in favour of raw and spontaneous expression, spurred by a « tabula rasa » intention that also brings forth a musical and cultural renewal, a rising new energy meaning maximum freedom in all areas of creation: independant labels, fanzines, squats, fashion, graphic design. The punk movement had links with nihilism, Dada, anarchy and the alternative movement. Punk music is a sound of rebels, of rage and energy (Ramones, The Clash, Nina Hagen, PIL, Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys…) 
There she finds an echo to her own rebellion

1979 Marseilles School of Fine Art
Basic practice of drawing and colours, in the studio, from nudes and still lives

1980-82 Nice School of Applied Arts (Villa Arson)
where Marcel Duchamp, conceptual art and minimalism were discussed

The French tenants of neo-expressionism -Rémi Blanchard, François Boisrond, Robert Combas and Hervé Di Rosa- form a group called “Figuration Libre”
Her work in the Villa Arson :
« Anything that goes through my head I do »
hyperrealistic paintings, photomontages, folded papers
« The paradox of captured time »
Capture of an accumulation of places and actions collected as footprints or deposits onto cut paper sheets laid out on bus shelter, museum or kitchen floors...

The overwhelming trend in the teaching of the time emphasizes concept and the end of painting

Diktat of an era; might as well check some other options out….

1983 entered Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture (ENSP)
Lived in Paris
Landscape Architecture was an emerging trend in France, lead by some famous figures with a background in architecture or fine art, who came of age during the 1968 student movement
There she met passionate teachers who were also people in the trade: Michel Corajoud, Alexandre Chemetoff, Jacques Coulon
Genuine taste for graphic expression, be it meticulous working drawing or free, creative drawing

Went into bookshops, cinemas showing art films, museums and galeries, walked in parks, streets, suburbs and waste lands

Inks and litho crayons from landscapes

Discovered and questionned :
Cy Twombly, Tony Cragg, Robert Smithson, Pierre Alechinsky’s ink touch
Read George Steiner
Likes the New Realists : Jacques Villéglé, Martial Raysse, Yves Klein ;
Coop Himmelblau’s paper architecture

The first book on contemporary german painting: Georg Baselitz, Julian Schnabel, Albert Oehlen, Jörg Immendorf, went round her circle of friends

She graduated in 1987 and set up her own licensed landscape architect practice in Paris
Took up painting again in 1989 and from then on shared her time between landscape and painting
Painted, made pictures, looked through rhodoid, glass, mirrors, windows, the still camera
Worked on design projects jointly with various architecture, town planning and landscape architecture firms
Taught at Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture (ENSP) from 1990 to 1997

From 1994 onwards she managed and coordinated her own projects

Registered with la Maison des Artistes in 1991 ('La Maison des Artistes' is recognized by the state as the body responsible for the administration of Social Security for artists in the fields of both graphic and pure art.)
Open Day at the Studio rue des Haies Paris 20ème
Exhibition in gallery Ana Planplan St Rémy de Provence 1996
Exhibition in gallery Eof rue St Fiacre Paris 1998

Looked at
Matisse for his simplification, classical landscape painters, French modern art
Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, Georges Rousse, Bram Van Velde
Claude Vialla
German expressionists: Alexeï Jawlensky, Kirchner, Schmidt-Rottluff ; Die Brücke far more than Blaue Reiter
Shaken landscapes by Chaïm Soutine ans his portraits
The poetic language of motion and time shortcuts in Richard Baquié’s works
Jacques Henri Lartigue
Photographs by Tom Drahos, Pierre de Fenöyl (Lanscape photographs for the National planning body DATAR 1989)
Pauline Boty
Shitao and his « Comments on Painting » (1710)
Pierre Bonnard
Kinetik art
Orsay museum
English sculpture: Anthony Caro, Bill Woodrow
Steve McQueen
Bill Viola
David Hockney
Monet’s nymphea
Gerhard Richter  
Howardena Pindell
Eugène Leroy
Arshile Gorky
Frans Hals
Daniel Déjean
new german painting : Valérie Favre, Daniel Richter
Christian Delacampagne

……………………… in the midst of all this and against a background of electronic music, moves from Paris to Salon in 1999

Arles National School of Photography
Multimedia design and integration course

Showed two photomontages and a painting – « Look’s sight’ » –at Fondation Electra Paris for the « Gardener, Artist and Engineer » exhibition in 2000

then in 2003 moved from Salon to Hyères on the south coast of France

Stopped landscaping

Group exhibition in Le Bosphore Art Center, La Seyne-sur-Mer 2003
Selected artist for the Young Visual Artists Convention, organized by Elstir, La Garde 2004
Exhibition in Gallery La Palette, Toulon 2004 2005 2006
Exhibition in Chapelle St Sulpice Istres 2005
Nîmes International Contemporary Art, Arténîm 2006
Exhibition in Hôtel Sofitel, Marseilles old harbour 2007
2011 "Parcours à travers la création toulonnaise" Musée des Beaux-Arts
2014 Festival des Cultures Numériques et Electroniques de Toulon.
2015 Fait partie des 60 photographes sélectionnés pour la 20ème édition du Festival Voies Off, Arles (France).
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